Rapid Growth of Alabama Chess Continues in 2015

# of Players in Alabama Rated Events[Correction: The heading for the chart should read: "# of Players in Rated AL Events", not number of games. The correct chart will be displayed on Labor Day after the state championship.] August 22, 2015 - This year Alabama chess is on pace to exceed the 20% annual growth rate it has set since 2010. By way of comparison, the the US Chess Federation's annual growth rate in USCF memberships for the nation was 9.6% for a similar period. The state data is based on the number of players in rated sections of Alabama tournaments. Considering that much of scholastic chess consists of unrated play, it is likely that the actual growth rate of chess play is substantially higher.

Help make 2015 another record year: Register now for the Alabama State Chess Championship taking place Labor Day weekend.

Featured Events

September 4-6, 2015 - Birmingham, AL - The state's most prestigious tournament of the year, the Alabama State Chess Championship, takes place Labor Day weekend on the Samford University campus in Birmingham. Flyer .

September 6, 2015 - Birmingham, AL - The Alabama Chess Federation will hold its annual ACF Membership Meeting at 1:00 p.m. on the Samford University campus ahead of the final round of the state championship. The meeting will include discussion of proposed changes to the Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championship, news about the Alabama Chess in Schools Initiative, and election of ACF officers for the coming year. ACF welcomes member volunteers with skills and interests including website development, administration, teaching chess, organizing tournaments, or reporting of local chess events. If your are interested, email Neil Dietsch (president@alabamachess.com) or talk to one of the ACF Board Members. (Click on "About ACF" for a listing and contact info.)

Teachers Prepare for Alabama Chess in Schools Rollout

National Chess Coach Charles Smith explains the use of the chess clock.July 27, 2015 Forty-two teachers will introduce chess in the classroom this fall as part of the Alabama Chess in Schools (ACIS) pilot program. Each teacher completed a four-day ACIS training course in July.

The ACIS initiative is sponsored by the Alabama State Department of Education based on a proposal by the Alabama Chess Federation and National Chess Education Consultant, Jerry Nash. Mr. Nash lead the training with assistance from the ACF community members like National Chess Coach Charles Smith, pictured on the right explaining the functions of a chess clock.

Alabama can take great pride in the progress of this unique collaboration. Our state is the first in the nation to organize a chess in schools initiative integrated with state educational standards and to do so at the state level. The ACIS team is proud of the progress to date and excited by the positive reception it has gotten from teachers, administrators, and the community at large.

Read more in the ACIS Blog.

Alabama Dual-Rated Championship

July 25, 2015 - The Alabama Dual-Rated Chess Championship in Montgomery had a record turnout of 39 players for this event. Stephen Adams, this year's Blitz Champion (3.5/4.0) is now the 2015 Dual-Rated Champion as well, edging out Quick Chess Champion Scott Varagona, Stephen Graveling, and Scholastic Champion Jonathan Rasberry who tied for second place.

Reserve Quick Chess Champion Om Badhe collected his second state championship trophy this year winning first place with 3.5/4.0 in the Under 1800 section. Wendall Whitaker and Aaron Decord tied for second with 3.0. In the Under 1200 section, Taylor Kent took first place. Esther Graveling, Randall Tew, and Isaac Barnett tied for second place. More.